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Concrete Counter Top Supplies

Concrete is used for counter tops because it is capable of taking on any shape imaginable for a countertop and it can be adapted to complement any decor. Homeowners want concrete countertops because concrete offers limitless versatility and longevity.

Sealant Depot carries all the supplies you need to create a concrete counter top. Contact our team of decorative concrete specialists to ask about concrete counter mix, dry pigment, color paste, a natural looking penetrating sealer, satin sealer, beeswax, and countertop forms.

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Sealant Depot recommends the Buddy Rhodes concrete counter mix. It is the easiest system for making concrete countertops, fireplace surrounds, bathroom vanities, furniture, outdoor kitchens and more. Here are the top 8 reasons we recommend the Buddy Rhodes Concrete Counter Mix.

  1. Easy - Just add water and desired color.
  2. Quality Ingredients - seven quality ingredients in one bag: white cement, fine sand, marble aggregate, and Buddy’s own additional components in proportions that make the difference in workability and finish.
  3. Consistency of mix, bag to bag, in both color and composition.
  4. Color ability - the white base accepts a wide spectrum of colors, ideal for integral colors and acid stains.
  5. Workability of material for mold placement. De-mold in 12 hours (48 for wet-cast) compared to 4 days for other systems. Quicker turnaround allows you to bring in more business to your shop.
  6. Trowel ability is easier due to the unique product composition of premium ingredients. More cream in the mix which provides an easier surface to work and a much larger window of time to complete your project.
  7. Versatility – You can create more finishes with the concrete counter mix.
  8. Vertical applicability as well as horizontal; pack it up walls or on vertical molds.   


Buddy Rhodes Concrete Counter Mix (70 LBS)


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Ultra-Fine Pigments will make your projects easier to mix without waste, easier to measure, and easier to reproduce. The new pigments are also more efficient to ship and to store. The dry ultra fine pigments are available in in soluble bags.

Buddy Rhodes Ultra-Fine Pigment Color CHART


Ash 27.00
Brick 27.00
Chocolate 27.00
Coal 27.00
Earth 27.00
Moss 27.00
Mushroom 27.00
Sand 27.00
Sky 56.00
Slate 43.00
Smoke 27.00
Straw 27.00
Universe 27.00
Wheat 27.00
Wine 27.00


Call 856-829-7325 to order dry pigments for concrete countertops.



BR Bone Paste Plus is formulated to match all BR Color Products by adding small amounts of BR pigments. The paste is used as a slurry to fill air holes or the voids in BR signature veined finish. Voids may be filled with matching or one or more contrasting colors. BR Bone Paste Plus already contains polymer, so it mixes with water only.  (contains 8 lb).

Buddy Rhodes Color Paste CHART


Paste Bone 35.64


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The Penetrating Sealer has a “natural look” and is designed to impart water repellency and reduce water absorption. Available in quart and gallon containers.


Penetrating Sealer Qt. 55.89


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The Satin Sealer for concrete is a water-based and ultra violet resistant acrylic micro-emulsion. It will  help protect the finished surface of the concrete countertop from oil and water-based stains and enhances the colors. Available in quart and gallon containers.


Satin Sealer Qt. 50.30


Call 856-829-7325 to order satin sealer for concrete.


BEESWAX for Concrete Countertops

Food Grade Beeswax

This food grade Beeswax helps prevent stains and enhances the color of concrete surfaces. It may be used for maintenance over the life of the concrete project. Just apply a thin coat and buff out. Available in 12 oz. jars.


Beeswax 35.00


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Keystone Countertop 83.77
Poly Countertop 83.77


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