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Release Powders

Sealant Depot carries two types of release powders. BrickForm Antique Release Powder and Legacy's Accent Color Release Powder.

BrickForm Antique Release Powder

BRICKFORM Antique Release™ is a powder colored bond-breaker designed to prevent texturing tools from sticking while adding color, shading and highlights. It is designed to aid in texturing applications and stand up to the effects of sunlight. BRICKFORM Antique Release is applied to the surface of the plastic concrete and to the texturing tool. A portion of the release becomes embedded into the concrete, usually where there is relief in the texturing tool, leaving behind an antiqued appearance. The release agent is streak-free and will add color and highlighting to the finished application.

BRICKFORM Antique Release is broadcast onto the concrete surface prior to the placement of mat-type texturing tools or rollers. Our UV-resistant pigments come in 40 standard colors to match or contrast with BRICKFORM Color Hardener; custom colors are available upon request. BRICKFORM Antique Release is packaged in a convenient 35-pound moisture resistant pail, with an application rate of 3.5-pounds or more per 100 square feet.

BRICKFORM Antique Release can be used in matching or contrasting colors to create a variety of effects. A combination of colors can add interesting shadings and highlights to the finished concrete surface. In addition, after 28 days, the concrete should be sealed with a BRICKFORM Sealer for protection.

• Prevents Concrete Buildup
• Prolongs Tool Life
• Streak-Free, Fade-Resistant
• Unlimited Effects & Color Combinations

Brickform Antique Release Powder $65.55

*Smokey Blue color $199.51

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Click to view Brickform Antique Release Color Chart (PDF)

Brickform release powder agent color chart

Click to view Brickform Antique Release Color Chart (PDF)

Brickform Colors Available:

Adobe Buff, Antique Cork, Antique Rose, Ash White, Autumn Brown, Black, Blush Beige, Brick Red, Buff Tan, Cappuccino, Chestnut, Coconut, Cream Beige, Desert Tan, Dark Gray, Dover Blue, Dusty Rose, French Gray, Golden Sandstone, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Nutmeg, Oyster White, Pecos Sand, Quarry Red, Sandstone, Sandy Buff, Shadow Slate, Slate Green, Smokey Beige, Smokey Blue*, Stone Gray, Summer Beige, Sun Buff, Sunbaked Clay, Terra Cotta, Tile Red, Venetian Pink, Victorian Red, Walnut, Weathered Sage,

* Smokey Blue $199.51

Legacy Release Powder

Accent Color Release™ is a pigmented, bond breaking dry powder release formulated with proprietary components and high purity pigments that are UV resistant and streak free. It is designed to add contrast or to create an antiqued appearance.

Accent Color Release™ comes in 20 Classic Series colors and 8 Signature Series colors and/or custom color options are available.

Legacy Accent Release Powder $63.62

* Bluestone $82.30

CALL to Order 856.829.7325

Legacy Accent Release Powder Colors:

Antique White, Ash White, Autumn, Black, Bluestone, Bone, Brick Red, Canyon Red, Charcoal, Coronado, Cream Beige, Desert Tan, Federal Red, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Mesa, Nutmeg, Pecan, Plum, Quarry Red, Rust, Saddle Brown, Sage, Sand, Shadow Slate, Stone Gray, Terra Cotta, Venetian Pink

*Bluestone $82.30

Click to view Legacy Release Color Chart (PDF)

Legacy release powder chart

Click to view Legacy Release Color Chart (PDF)


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