Concrete Counter Tops

Concrete Counter Top Supplies that support the entire process

Concrete has long been used for constructing counter tops because it is flexible and therefore can mold to any shape imaginable when designing a counter top.  Concrete can also be adapted to complement any decor. Because concrete offers limitless versatility and longevity it remains very popular with homeowners and builders for counter tops.

The key to successful concrete counter top construction is the quality of the supplies

That’s why Sealant Depot carries all the supplies you need to create a concrete counter top. What’s more, you’re not on your own, and our team of decorative concrete specialists can help you select from:

  • Concrete Counter Mixes – the recommended concrete to be used to create concrete counters
  • Dry Pigments – colors can be mixed throughout the cement to create integral color solutions or mix in on the top
  • Color Paste – the paste can match colors to fill air holes or the voids
  • Natural looking penetrating sealers – has a “natural look” and is designed to reduce water absorption
  • Satin Sealers – help protect the finished surface of the concrete countertop from oil and water-based stains and enhances the colors
  • Beeswax – food grade Beeswax to help prevent stains and enhance the color of concrete surfaces
  • Countertop Forms – create the shape of the concrete countertops.

The most practical applications include:

  • Create concrete counter tops for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Create cement counters for reception areas
  • Create custom cement counter work areas

We’re here to support your concrete counter top projects

You can review a wide range of concrete countertop variants and options in our online shop. And don’t forget we have concrete product specialists who will help you identify the countertop design appropriate for your project.

Color brings your concrete counter tops to vibrant visual appearance

Sealant Depot carries the Buddy Rhodes concrete color system. Here are twelve uniquely beautiful color choices include:

  • Brick
  • Bone
  • Sand
  • Slate
  • Sky
  • Straw
  • Wheat
  • Universe
  • Ash
  • Earth
  • Mushroom
  • Moss
  • Smoke
  • Wine
  • Chocolate
  • Coal

They sound great, don’t they? You can almost feel the softness of Moss and the earthy tone of Sand. Get started now and take advantage of all the concrete counter top supplies we off you at Sealant Depot.

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Buddy Rhodes Color Chart

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