Integral Colors for Concrete

Integral colors are color pigments mixed into the concrete to create a strong color base. The pigments are available in a variety of standard colors in a dry or liquid form.

Integral Concrete Colors

Liquid integral colors are blended on site at Sealant Depot and bucketed for use according to your requirements.

Compared to powder and granular pigments, liquid colors have a superior dispersion rate to ensure a quick and uniform mix within the concrete, with far less streaking, and less waiting.

Custom Liquid Integral Concrete Colors

*Custom colors can be achieved and Sealant Depot can match other manufacturer’s color charts. Contact one of our cement specialists, tell us what you are looking for and ask about the pricing.

Uses for Integral Colors:

  • Coloring newly placed concrete and stamped concrete
  • Integral colors can help create the effect of antiquing concrete
  • Creating the appearance of natural stone

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Sealant Depot carries a number of integral pigments in our online shop.


Contact Us to Order Concrete Pigments

Concrete product specialists can help you identify the concrete pigment Integral appropriate for your concrete or stamped concrete project.


integral colors for concrete

  • Dry Pigment Integral Colors

  • Liquid Integral Colors

  • Custom Integral Colors

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Colorflo Color Chart

Contact Sealant Depot for more information on which pigments to use for your concrete project.