Concrete Antique Release Agent Supplies

If you want to create a natural stone effect on stamped concrete, our line of antique release agents will do the trick. Release agents also act as a bond breaker so your stamped concrete tools do not stick to the cement.

There are cases where you will need to match concrete colors on existing colored concrete or to create a variety of effects on new concrete. A combination of colors can add interesting shadings and highlights to the finished concrete surface. Again, look into our antique release agents to meet those specialized needs.

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We offer

  • Create antiquing effects on concrete
  • Decorative Concrete aka Stamped Concrete
  • Match existing concrete colors
  • Create a look of natural stone with concrete


An antique release agent can be used alone or combined with other colors to create a true natural look by adding depth and dimension.
The color charts for antique release agents provide a visual example of the types of colored concrete that can be matched and antiqued. These are excellent solutions for your projects so look into our Antique Release Agents before you start another project and take advantage of the high-level results you will enjoy and your customers will be more than pleased with.

At Sealant Depot we do more than sell products.

Products are more apt to bring you success on a concrete project when you have all the support and technical information that goes with it. That’s why at Sealant Depot, one of our experienced concrete specialists can help you determine the best color and type of antique release agent for your stamped concrete project.

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Our concrete product specialists can help you identify the concrete antiquing products useful for your project. Contact us or submit your question to ask our Decorative Concrete Specialist about concrete antiquing agents and the supplies needed for your project.


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Proline decorative concrete color chart for antique release agents










Proline Dura Color Antique Release Agent color chart






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