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Concrete Polishing and Cutting Supplies

Many businesses seek to have a polished concrete floor because it is both durable, low maintenance, concrete polishing and cuttingand glossy with a mirror-like finish. One of the key points is that polished floors are easy to maintain basically requiring dust mopping and a cleaning agent from time to time. Another point not always recognized is that polished concrete floors tend to reflect more light. The polished reflectivity of the floor can be controlled by using a range of variations in concrete polishing techniques.

The technique of polishing concrete is a multi-step process and varies depending on the current surface. Polishing chemicals, pads, masonry saws, and grinding wheels are all part of the supplies required for the equipment used to polish concrete. The options for polishing concrete are nearly endless.  Contact us for advice on which products you might need for your concrete polishing project.

Concrete Polishing Chemicals

Concrete chemicals and dyes are used when grinding concrete.

Polishing Pads

Wet polishing disk pads to polish cement. Various sizes available. Backup pads included.

Masonry Saw Blades for Cutting Concrete

Concrete wet and dry saw blades for cutting concrete. Masonry saw blades cut through cement, brick, stone, ceramic, and tile. Concrete saw blades come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate different applications.

Grinding Wheels

Various diameter wheels for grinding cement.

  • Cup Wheels for right angle grinding
  • Crack Chasers for right angle grinding
  • Tuck Points for right angle grinding and circular saws



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  • Polishing Chemicals for Cement

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