Video on how to test concrete with a Moisture Meter

Tramex CMEXPert II Concrete Moisture MeterConcrete Moisture Testing

Concrete moisture testing is one of the most critical requirements for successful installation of flooring materials, including epoxies, urethanes, and other resin coatings (also critical for linoleum, VCT, hardwood, etc.).

This video demonstrates how to measure moisture content and humidity in concrete subfloors using a moisture meter, the Tramex CME System.

This is one of the few moisture meter tools on the market that will provide non-invasive (non-destructive testing) and offers reliable data feedback. The Tramex CMEXpert II will test for excessive moisture within concrete that can have a negative impact on many different types of floor coverings.

Since it is the priority of Sealant Depot, Inc. to offer, for sale, the best tools and equipment for the concrete industry, you can find the CMEXpertII Concrete EZ Test Kit at our store and it will soon be on our online shop. You can call to find out more about the CMEXpert moisture meter and to order by phone.


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